About Us

Stoneguide Realty Limited was established in 2006 by Tom Bennett and Ben Shaughnessy:

Having spent many years at the large franchise-style companies, we felt it was time to create a unique boutique-style real estate company that focuses on personal relationships and customer service. As we have grown over the years, we have prided ourselves on creating a team of professionals who believe in the same ideals. At Stoneguide we like to have fun – we take the business of real estate seriously, even if we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Unlike the larger companies that work in an atmosphere of competition with representatives seeking to be ranked and to compete for that #1 position, our group seeks to work together – to support & strengthen each other in the role of serving our clients.

Our goal at Stoneguide Realty is to lead you, the client, through the home selling or buying process on the safest, most comfortable route that you can take. By providing you with our experience and knowledge, we aim to give you the most honest and forthright advice so that you can make the decisions that are right for you and your family for the long term.

We recognize that this can be a stressful time but we try to reduce that stress by making the experience a little fun, more enjoyable and hopefully rewarding.

Our philosophy rests on the fact that we are in this profession for the long term and that our success is based upon repeat and referral business. This is achieved by making sure our clients’ needs are met and hopefully exceeded.


People often ask: Why choose a smaller company?
Do we not get more exposure with the big franchises?

Most of us at Stoneguide have spent many years working for the big franchises and, quite frankly, if they offered us any unique advantage then we probably wouldn’t have made the change.

The great equalizer is the MLS. Every listing we take is uploaded to MLS, so it is out in front of all realtors, regardless of what company they work for.

As a smaller office we work very closely together as a team. While we conduct our business individually, we also support one another to ensure our clients are properly looked after. Unlike the larger offices where there are rankings and competition, our office is based on support and mutual success.

Stoneguide Realty was opened in February 2006. We have developed a network of professional business contacts to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly. This includes: mortgage specialists, lawyers, home inspectors, home stagers, appraisers, financial experts and trades people.

Stoneguide Realty has professional office space in a wheelchair accessible building with ample parking in downtown Peterborough at 343 Stewart Street.


We have chosen a great Canadian symbol as a guidepost in our new endeavour. The Inukshuk (pronounced: IN-OOK-SHUK) meaning “in the image of man” are unique to the Canadian Arctic. They endure as eternal symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of friendship and reminding us of our dependence on one another. The Inuit used the traditional Inukshuk as a compass or guide indicating to the traveler that someone has been down this path before; you are going the right way. It leads you to comfort and safety… it leads you home.

The strength of the Inukshuk also lies within its make-up. Every stone is chosen for its ability to fit in and strengthen the structure.

No one stone is more or less important than another. Its strength lies in its unity – its significance lies from its meaning as a whole.

That, in essence, is what we aim to create here at Stoneguide Realty Limited.

The stones represent our clients, our partnerships and alliances with supporting industry professionals, our families, our community and each other. It takes all of us working collectively together to lead you through the safe passage of the home buying and selling process.